import data set -limit 1000

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I'm new to dataiku and tryed baically to import a datasetfile.

But it seems that the import limits to 1000 rows.

How can I import fully my dataset file ?

Second question -

I would like to see my data; but the charts only displays aggregation features (default AVG)

How can I see my raw data in abisic chart ?



  • cperdigou
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    What your are seeing is a sample of your data, it was fully imported but we only display to you the first 10k lines by default. You can change the sample size by clicking on "configure sample" or on the left drawer.

    Not sure I understand your second question, you may want to drag the "count of records" box to the Y axis of your chart?

    Some of this concepts and much more is explained in our tutorials, which I encourage you to follow:
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