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I'm completly new to dataiku and I'm liking it very much until now. But for me one thing is missing: Candlestick charts... I've already tried to adapt the waterfall charting component, but I failed.

I'll try it further after reading more documentation. But I thought to ask maybe I just looked in the wrong direction.

So is there already a candlestick charting plugin / component out there?




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    As far as I know, at the moment there is no out of the box way to make Candlestick charts in DSS, but you can make these types of visualizations through custom code.

    You'd need to create a code environment with the relevant python or R packages (say, plotly). Then, create a code notebook so you can write the necessary code to generate the insight. Once the chart is produced in the notebook, you can save it as a static insight so it can be embedded into a DSS dashboard. Even though this is a 'static' insight, any interactivity in your plotly chart will be preserved in the dashboard.

    I hope this helps!

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