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I'm working on a ML project and would like to print out for example the shape of a dataset using Python script. Can someone please tell me how to print out some values using Python recipe?

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    Hi for the purpose of knowledge sharing we want to provide the response we provided you on the support chat.

    If you have a print statement in a python recipe, it will only be available in the job logs for the recipe. You can view them under the "Jobs" tab. However, this will include a lot of other debugging information for the job. If you simply want to look at things like df.shape for a dataset, We would suggest using a Jupyter notebook, as you can print out anything you like as you analyze your data. You can convert your recipe to a Jupyter notebook by selecting "Edit as notebook" and then run individual cells of your notebook with print statements to see the results.

    Here is how you would access Notebooks in DSS

    Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 4.34.19 PM.png

    In addition here are two resources that can further support you with learning Jupyter Notebooks:

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