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Currently, the only way to view which managed folders are associated with a project is to check the flow. However, on large projects, the flow is too large to load. (On my project of just 7,000 datasets, the flow crashes the browser tab). Datasets and recipes can be listed in the datasets and recipes pages, but managed folders don't show up under datasets or have their own list. It would be great to be able to list managed folders so they can be found quickly without needing to use the API.

There's currently a workaround: Catalog > filter for managed folder > filter for project

But this is pretty far in the UI from the project workspace and requires a lot of extra navigation for a task done frequently. It would be great for a workflow that saves files to a managed folder if they could be listed directly from a project.

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    Thanks for your feedback - we've added this to our backlog and will let you know of any potential updates here.

    For anyone reading this - please give it a thumbs up if you'd also like to see this feature added


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