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I´m new to Dataiku and looking forward to work with such an amazing tool.

My first question:

Is it possible to manually refresh/reload a dataset based on a PostgresSQL Table?

Many thanks!

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  • Alexandru
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    Welcome to the Dataiku Community!

    To answer your question you can manually refresh the sample for a SQL dataset.

    In DSS when you add a SQL dataset it will fetch a sample by default first 10,000 rows returned. You can save and refresh this sample as needed by clicking on the dataset and going to the Sample Settings - Save and Refresh Sample.

    This also allows you to customize the sample settings by setting filters. Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 14.13.49.png

    Let me know if this was what you were lookin for?

    For recipes if the dataset is SQL dataset then it would not need to be "refreshed", you would simply re-run the recipe and it would use the current data in the table.

    Also a good resource to help you better understand SQL datasets would be:

  • m_sch
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    Hello @AlexT

    many thanks for the kind words and your answer!

    A few questions raised up after your answer.

    The sample data shows only the first 10,000 records. But this is just for exploring the data, right? Recipes, Charts etc. are using all the records?

    I have a "base table" in PostgresSQL that will be updated every day manually with new data. This is the "base dataset" in Dataiku with followed recipes, statistics etc. How can I tell Dataiku to update "everything"? This should/could be a manual step in the beginning.


  • m_sch
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    Great, now I have enough input to work on the next steps.

    Many thanks!

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