Accessing the shared folders in Onedrive

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Am able to access my OneDrive connection and view the folder structure and the files in Dataiku via the Plugins. But unable to view the folders shared by my peers in the same domain via Dataiku plugin. I see some permissions issue but unable to find out.

I see the shared folders in OneDrive. Any help pls?



  • AlexB
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    Hi !

    This is now possible with the latest version of the OneDrive plugin (v1.0.2). You have to know the name of the shared folder though, and add it in the "Shared folder name" box before to be able to browse its content.



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    Is it possible to access shared files only? I.e. not necessarily files in shared folders, but solely shared files. If so, what would be the syntax?

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    If you add a OneDrive folder to your flow rather than a Dataset you can then add a Files in Folder dataset which will show you all the files in the folder. Follow the "Write data into OneDrive" steps in the plugin page

    Then add a Files in Folder dataset.

    If this doesn't solve your issue then can you please clarify exactly what your requirement is? What are you trying to achieve?

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