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Is it possible to create a Datatable in a webapp?

To have features like filtering and pagination.


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    DSS doesn't offer particular webapp components, so what's available to you is what Bokeh or Shiny or Dash has to offer you.

    If the goal of the webapp is to be a datatable, then maybe you should simply take the DSS dataset you want in the table and publish it on a dashboard.

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    Hi @MgDv

    Just a few days ago I create one data-table with Dash using webapps. Here is the code I used, hopefully it will work as a template or example:

    import as pximport dataikuimport dash_core_components as dccimport dash_html_components as htmlimport dash_tableimport pandas as pddataset = dataiku.Dataset("your_data_frame")df = dataset.get_dataframe()app.layout = html.Div(children=[html.H1(children='Main Title for your Table'),dash_table.DataTable(id='table',css=[{'selector': 'table', 'rule': 'table-layout: fixed'}], # add selector capabilities and table layoutcolumns=[{"name": i, "id": i}for i in df.columns],data=df.to_dict('records'),style_data=dict(textAlign='left',height='15px',overflow='hidden',),style_header={'whiteSpace': 'normal','height': 'auto',},style_cell_conditional=[{'if': {'column_id': 'column_0'}, # Fixed width for 'column_0''width': '10%'},{'if': {'column_id': 'column_1'}, # Fixed width for 'column_1''width': '10%'}],page_size=20,style_table={'overflowX': 'auto'},tooltip_data=[{column: {'value': str(value), 'type': 'markdown'}for column, value in row.items()} for row in df.to_dict('records')],tooltip_duration=None,filter_action="native",sort_action="native",sort_mode="multi",column_selectable="single",export_format="csv" # add option to export the datatable in csv format)])

    Hope this helps!


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    Thanks a lot for this snippet !!

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