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We are working on setting standards for collaboration and one of those is code reviews. I was thinking of using the Discussion for initiating a code review. But it would be really helpful, rather than having to go through each individual user on a team, to be able to @ a group and have it notify the whole team to go in to perform a peer review.

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  • tgb417
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    I +1 your idea. I'd also include an @project to select all folks related to a project, and @instance for all folks who have access to a particular design node. Maybe also an @wiki and @dashboard would also be helpful.

  • AshleyW
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    Thanks for your idea, @pilotjohn4
    . Your idea meets the criteria for submission!

    Might you provide details on how you'd like to define these groups? Or other places in DSS where having this type of assign/share/talk to group concept would be useful?

    If you’re reading this and think being able to tag groups in DSS discussions would be a great capability to add to DSS, be sure to kudos the original post!

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  • pilotjohn4
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    Hi there,

    I like the discussions area. This would be the core place I can see the group tag being most useful. @ works for users, Maybe ! can be for groups that are defined in the groups section under Security settings. I do also like @tgb417
    's idea to also allow tagging of projects for projects that may be related. % could trigger a project. $ could be for wiki.

    An additional place that discussions would be really helpful would be in the Bundle screen under a new tab for Collaborate (see screenshot for example placement). This would allow developers to collaborate on a specific bundle and tag a person or group and request feedback/code review by tagging a person or group. Then each person could go in and review a specific bundle and leave feedback or notes.


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