Using webbrowser Python module in Dataiku recipes/plugins

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I am currently using Dataiku Version 9.0.3.

I was trying to develop a plugin when I realise that - using the Python module: webbrowser to open url only works on Dataiku installed on my local machine.

I realised that if I do it on Dataiku installed on the cloud like Azure VM, the recipe or plugin using webbrowser will succeed without error but it won't show a new tab/window for the browser, and to test it out as screenshot below: the print statements also returns as False - which means that the browser was unable to open in the environment.

Does anyone have any workarounds or ideas to overcome this? Thank you and your help is highly appreciated!



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    Indeed the webbrowser module will only work if DSS is running on locally, since will essentially make a call similar to "python -m webbrowser -t "" on the dss server. This will not do anything on the DSS server since the browser is not found. If a browser was found it would open the browser on the DSS server not for the end user.

    Overall opening a browser window from DSS plugin is not possible.

    You can however use a Webapp instead of a plugin to open a new tab either in Javascript or HTML

    By executing :"") in JS.

    Hope this helps.

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