Application as a recipe - editing json for UI input different from traditional DSS plugin?

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Hello everyone!

Hope all is well, we have successfully deployed an application as a recipe by taking in new datasets that exactly match the existing datasets in the flow. We now want to modify our UI/input so that we can for example rename the columns of the input through the recipe itself or call from an input recipe the specific columns we want to take for the application as a recipe.

We know how to do this for a traditional plugin, but are facing challenges for the application as a recipe. We wanted to know are there any additional steps needed or how do we go about this? We tried editing the "Auto-generated controls" section, but this didn't seem to work. Do we need to use the "Custom UI HTML" and/or "Custom JS" sections instead? Thanks for any help!

For example we tried changing a column type to "COLUMN", this usually works when we create a traditional plugin in DSS, but this didn't seem to offer the same functionality for the application as a recipe.



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    the COLUMN/COLUMNS type of parameters suffers from a bug that prevents it from receiving the input column names, so you have to input the column names manually (which is impractical). The fix will be available in 9.0.4.


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