Add custom configuration for kubernetes execution

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I can run dataiku jobs as kubernetes pods. I want to also add the setting:


runAsNonRoot: true

But using "Custom properties" doesn't work. I added a property:

- spec.securityContext.runAsNonRoot ==> true

Anyway I could achieve this?

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  • fchataigner2
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    on container configurations, "custom properties" are flags for use by DSS, they're not passed to Kubernetes. If you need alterations on the yaml sent to Kubernetes, only what's available in the container configuration is overridable (limits, requests, tolerations, ...).

    The only way to alter the yaml sent to Kubernetes beyond what's available in the container configurations is to manually edit the yaml templates in the resources/container-exec/kubernetes/ subfolder of the DSS installation. Note that doing so obviously voids support.

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