Connecting to a MYSQL DB over a ssh tunnel

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I've never been very good with networking issues. I'm struggling with trying to replicate this mysql workbench connection in DSS as a 'new connection' so I can use the tables directly in a workflow even if they are altered 'at the source'. (The screenshot hides the IPs and usernames for obvious security reasons)



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    DSS does not have the feature to connect to MySQL over a SSH connection builtin. You can replicate this by manually open a SSH tunnel besides DSS (with ssh -L 3307:10.100.yy.yy:3307 10.100.xx.xx), but you'll need to keep this SSH shell open each time you want to use the MySQL database in DSS
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    Thanks for the fast answer ! I'll try it.
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    Alrigh'tyour solution worked fine thx !

    For anyone having the same issue (with the same evident lack of expertise in network routing)

    ssh -L 3307:10.100.yy.yy:3307 A_SSH_USERNAME@10.100.xx.xx will bind the connection to the database as localhost:3307 (so that's what you will enter in the connection menu of DSS ) .

    If you are like me living in central europe ,you might encounter this issue also (I know I did) :
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