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Is there a way to change the BigQuery table of like 10 dataset on my flow or do i need to to do it one by one by changing the table name in dataset settings ?

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    I believe that once you have created the datasets with "static" names, the only chances are to either going to settings and change the name there (but be aware of what happens downwards) or either editing the recipe (if this is what is building the dataset) and change Input/Output (put you need to remove former datasets). There could be another alternatives which is to use a program to modify the settings using the DSS API.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to define a name of a dataset using variables, otherwise this could have been an alternative; in other words, if one wanted to add a new dataset, its name could be specified as a variable. As said, this does work for datasets (when you create a new BQ connection you can specify the dataset, or schema, using a variable) but not for the names when you're asked to insert it (it can be done later...).
    Might be someone else is aware of an actual solution.


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