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I have a use-case and am unsure if DSS can encompass it, but would love to use DSS for it if possible. My data lives in an external server and I have to write a custom plug-in to bring data in to a DSS project automatically (which I have done). The data in the external service corresponds to different users - I can bring it in to DSS for a single user or for all users and have a column which designates which user each row corresponds to. From there, it is pretty easy for me to use DSS to automate the necessary data processing procedures and display the relevant computed information in a dashboard or report.

What I want to be able to do is make an account on my DSS instance for each user in the external services. This can be set up manually - we are only talking about 20 users max. I want a way to have those users log in, click on a dashboard or report (or project or whatever needs to be done) and then only see the data that corresponds to their user in the external system. Its important they don't have access to the other user's data because it is of a sensitive nature. Does anyone know if this use-case is possible?


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    The most secure way is to split your dataset into 1 dataset per user, then expose this dataset to a separate project, one per user.

    You can then give access to each user to its own project (or only to the dashboard section of that project).
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    I would like the reports to be standardised though. The way you are suggesting, would I make the report once and then copy and paste projects (but change the permissions)? Do you know if projects can be put in a folder (so that I don't flood our DSS instance with new projects)?
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