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Issue at a glance: I want the use the plugin speech to text cpu so that i need to download the macros where I am getting the following errors

I am doing practice with these speech to test plugin for the same I need the macros to be download for the sentimental analysis project.

While opt for downloading the deepspeech model macroo the error comming like after updated the plugins speech to text-cpu :-

<class 'requests.exceptions.ConnectionError'> : [Errno None] None: 'None'


error before update the plugins named speech to text-cpu :-

" class 'urllib.error.URLError'> : [Errno None] None: 'None'"

Please check and let us know and how can I fix the same !


  • EliasH
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    Hi @tbala2805

    Sorry it's taken this long for us to get back to you!

    I was able to reproduce this error when I tried running the macro without an internet connection. Can you confirm if you're connected to the internet when you try to run it?

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