Top Community Contributors - April 2021

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Happy Spring! As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers so this month we will look at the top Community users who are flourishing this Community from last month.

As we saw last month, there is lots of great activity across the community on all sorts of topics. These posters helped keep the discussions lively and bright throughout March:

Layered like Stratus cloud, Jurre authored 13 replies, gave 9 kudos, received 16 kudos and accepted and authored one solution

Check out some of Jurre’s rainfall: Export data to password-protected xls; Schema changes from double to integer all the time; Visual Recipes

- This month’s Cirrus cloud, kathyqingyuxu authored and replied to 3 topics and gave 10 Kudos!

Some of kathyqingyuxu’s rainfall include: Applications as recipes and logging; Application As A Recipe: Is It Possible To Have A Partitioned Dataset As An Input? (Folks she’s still looking for a response if you can help this seed grow)

- Last but not least our Cumulus cloud, Marlan blew us away with 132 visits, 5 topics published, 13 replies, 5 kudos given, 13 kudos received, and 1 solution accepted

Check out some of Marlan’s rainfall here: How to change connection for SQL Notebook; Allow comments in Project Variables; Correct use of scenario variables

Thank you all for your contributions and conversation. Check out our other Top Contributors of this community. Looking to join these Top Community Contributors? Check out some of our Community Resources and best practices. If you want to be featured, we’re looking for quality contributions including topics starts, replies given, solutions authored and more!

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