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Allow comments in Project Variables

It would be great to be able to specify comments when specifying project variables. 

I use project variables often and in typical project may have a half dozen or more variables. While there are many advantages to using variables over hard coding key parameters, I do struggle keeping track of what the variables mean, how they are used, and what values are valid. Especially when returning to a project after some time. Without any documentation, I often end up spending a chunk of time with the global search to review usage of the variables.

One could document the variables in a wiki page and I have done that but it's inconvenient and easy to forget to update it.

One could also use this workaround.

But it sure be great if one could simply specify comments directly in the project variable definitions.

I've been doing more plugin development recently and have really appreciated the ability to specify comments within the plugin JSON files (both the // and the /* */ comment types). Since DSS knows how to deal with comments in plugin JSON files, it seems like this ability could be extended to variable JSON specifications without too much effort.

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This is already logged in our backlog.  And against Primera.

Great to hear @Mark_Treveil - thank you!