Accessing Dataiku APIs on containerized execution

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Hi team,

I'm facing an issue trying while reading details of Dataiku Visual Model using Python code which is a part of a webapp. I am using container for backend processing.

I am calling the model using dataiku.Model() method which working perfectly however, I am facing issues when trying to use the get_predictor() function to fetch some details related to the model. I'm getting file not found error.

If I run the webapp using local execution then it seems to work just fine. The issue raises only when the webapp runs on a container. So my hypothesis is that when running on a container, the backend is unable to reference to a relative path (app/dataiku/dss.....) where model details are stored.

Error logs attached for reference:

File "/opt/dataiku/python/dataiku/core/", line 202, in get_predictor
self._predictors[version_id] = build_predictor_for_saved_model(model_folder, self.get_type(), sm.get("conditionalOutputs", []))
File "/opt/dataiku/python/dataiku/core/", line 268, in build_predictor_for_saved_model
core_params = dkujson.load_from_filepath(osp.join(model_folder, "core_params.json"))
File "/opt/dataiku/python/dataiku/core/", line 36, in load_from_filepath
with open(filepath) as fp:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/app/dataiku/DSS_DATA_DIR/saved_models/<PROJECTKEY>/<modelid>/versions/initial/core_params.json'


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