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Hi Team, Im building a python recipe where it update some amount filled for the next run I need to pick the updated value. As of now the initial value it picks from the input dataset....for the second how to update the remaining sum of amt for the second there any way I can maintain centralised table as a lookup table


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    Not clear exactly what you are trying to do. In general we have some central projects we use to keep lookup tables, that are used by all projects.

    If it is a single value or a small number of values, you could also look at project variables, or instance variables as a place to keep such variables between the runs of your scripts.

    Either way, please share a few more details and others may be able to jump in with other ideas.


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    Hi, @Dilli
    ! Can you provide any further details on the thread to assist users in helping you find a solution (insert examples like DSS version etc.) Also, can you let us know if you’ve tried any fixes already?This should lead to a quicker response from the community.

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    Hi Corey,
    Thanks for the response,

    I have script which calculate assign some amt to each portfolio. once the first portfolio completed the second portfoli start with remaining amount. I couldn't find any common place where I can the keep track of this amount.


    I have data recipe where Im finding the optimum transaction for each portfolio.
    portfolio A allowed max value - $100

    once I complete this first portfolio solution, I might used $60.
    when I do the second iteration(portfoli B) i should start with remaining value $40. So this $60 i need to update in the input dataset(which I couldnt achieve as of now. i couldnt able to write to the input dataset). so I can refer it for the second iteration.

    Im new to dataiku.

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