Inconsistencies between pivot visual processor and pandas' pivot method.

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I am trying to reshape a dataset using pivot. My dataset structure is like this : ['column A', 'column B', 'index', 'label', 'value'].

I have preprocessed the data using a Python script : 1) sorting the index column I want to use as my pivot, and 2) reordering the columns so that my dataset is now : ['index', 'label', 'value', 'column A', 'column B'], since I noticed the pivot method would work inconsistently otherwise.

Now the visual pivot recipe gets the job done, but the python pivot method fails to do so : all other columns are removed, and I cannot find additional arguments to correct this.

Is this discrepancy between your processor and the Pandas method known to you ? The Pandas pivot method seems highly unpractical in its current state, what alternative would you recommend since I really want to be able to process my data programmatically ?

edit : using DSS 4.0.4, 2-week trial of the Entreprise Edition, working from my own machine.
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