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Will it be able to use an already created code environment instead of always creating a new one per plugin ?

It's not data efficient to be forced to have duplicates.

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  • Sergey
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    Hi @sseveur

    The general idea was to have unique code envs for each plugin as they usually contain a different set of packages or package versions. Having the code env to be shared among several plugins might be difficult from packages/versions compatibility standpoint.

    But I agree with you that if the code env is identical, this can be useful and efficient to be shared for several plugins. If I am not mistaken this has been already discussed and we might find a way to do this in the future.


  • sseveur
    sseveur Partner, L2 Designer, Registered Posts: 16 Partner

    Didn't find a post talking about it.

    It would of course be to the user to correctly handle the compatibility between those.

    I assume plugins and code-env are handled by high level profiles who know what they are doing if using a code-env for multiple plugins.

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