New Forecast plugin - Error in "Forecast future values" Receipt - cannot import name TIMESERIES_KEYS

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I was very excited to use the new forecast plugin due to its new features. Everything goes well with training by while executing the forecast future values receipt I get this error and I am stuck.

Error in Python process: At line 1: <class 'ImportError'>: cannot import name 'TIMESERIES_KEYS' from 'scipy.optimize._highs.constants' (/opt/dataiku/data/code-envs/python/plugin_timeseries-forecast_managed_5/lib/python3.7/site-packages/scipy/optimize/_highs/

I am using the on-premise solution without docker.

Thanks in advance

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  • Sergey
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    Hi @mcunha

    From the error message, looks like you have used Python3.7 interpreter while the plugin was tested with Python3.6. Please create a new code env for this plugin using Python3.6 and check if this is enough to resolve the issue. Let us know if it's not.


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