How can I apply a sequence of "Preparation" steps I have made for one dataset to another

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I have several datasets where some of the columns are identical (for ex. Country, Product-name), but otherwise differs. I need to prepare them before analysing and eventually merging them, in order to make sure that rows with the same values for Country and Product-name can be matched. Now that I have defined a set of replacements and filters for one of them, I would like to apply these to the other data set(s) without having to start from scratch every time. Is there a (simple) way to do this?

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  • cperdigou
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    Two ways:

    - Stack all your datasets with a stack recipe and do a single prepare recipe.

    - Copy the prepare recipe (got to flow, click on the recipe, it's one of the actions on the right) as many times as needed. (looks more adapted to your use case)

    A drawback of the second method is that if you change one recipe, you have to propagate changes to others manually.
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