How to import a project stored in the cloud ?

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Hi to the Dataiku community !

I am using Dataiku's free version and I have a Dataiku project stored in the cloud, in a bucket to be more precise. I would like to import this Dataiku project. However, when I try to import a project from the homepage, I only have the possibility to import a file which is stored on my laptop. How can I import a Dataiku project stored in a bucket and create the link between the bucket and my Dataiku instance ?

Thank you very much for your help !



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    Hi, if you want to import the full Dataiku DSS project you will have to first download it locally and then import that zip file.

    But you have datasets in a S3 bucket you can create a connection to that bucket. Your data will still live in the cloud and DSS will directly connect to it when needed. You can find more information about how to connect to S3 here:

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    Welcome to the Dataiku community.

    There are actually several free versions of Dataiku DSS. Some that you can install on computers you control for example your local PCs or virtual hosts in others clouds like Amazon and Google Cloud. There are also free versions that Dataiku hosts in the cloud for short free trials by Dataiku. Can you be a bit more specific about where the instance of DSS is hosted.

    You also say that you have a bucket with a Dataiku Project, you don’t say much about where that bucket is stored either. More details might help community members help you more.

    If you fully control both aspects the hosting of DSS and the hosting of the bucket. I would expect that what you might want to do, is mount the bucket “as a disk” on the host where your DSS instance is running. Then importing the project is relatively straight forward. That said if you don’t control both making such a connection may be a little more tricky. However, I do expect that with some more detail someone here might be able to provide further support.

    If you are able please share some more detail. And once again welcome to the Dataiku Community.

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    Hi all sorry for the late reply !

    I succeeded to import a project from the cloud (AWS) thanks to the code directly on the Virtual Machine where Dataiku is launched

    sudo -u dss_user /opt/local/dss/dss_data/bin/dsscli project-import /cloud-data/XXX/XXX

    Thanks for your help !

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