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Excuse me I have this error when trying to make a mysql connection to dataiku " Connection failed: Failed to connect: Communications link failure The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server., caused by: ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused)" I have seen there are many related questions around this, but none really saying how to solve it. I already have the driver in my jdbc folder. For what I understand after making several trials I know it is connecting to the driver, but the port is not open which makes me think that it is trying to connect to the localhost of the virtual machine, not to mine in windows (where I have my port and database open). has anyone got a solution for this?

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    If the database you want to connect to is on the host computer (as opposed to: on the VM) you should indeed configure it on DSS using the IP address of the host as seen from the VM (configuring "localhost" or "" would attempt to connect to a database server hosted on the VM)

    The exact value of this address depends on your virtualization environment (VMWare or VirtualBox) and may also depend on the network settings of your virtualization software.
    Ways to identify it include:
    - looking in the settings menus of the virtualization software
    - running command "ipconfig /all" on the windows host, and looking for a virtual interface named after the virtualization software
    - logging onto the VM (dataiku/dataiku) and typing "ip route". The address mentioned in the "default via ADDRESS..." line should be the one to use

    Hope this helps
    Patrice Bertin


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    I tried the steps above and used my ip address as host name. But now I get this error:

    null, message from server: "Host 'NS-Lenovo-1' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server"

    'NS-Lenovo-1' being my device name.

    Is my ip address the right host name? If not, what am I to use instead?
    If yes, how can I resolve this error?

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