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I have a plugin with a scenario step that accepts a number of parameters. If you create a second step in a scenario (i.e., you want to perform the same step, but on another dataset) the values from the first step you select will stay in the form when you move to the second step. However, if you refresh the scenario after saving, and go directly to the second step, the values are now showing what is populating the second step. Does anyone have suggestions for addressing this? Others that use my plugin in our company are constantly running into this issue and it is very confusing.

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    I'm able to reproduce the issue you're seeing with custom scenario steps. I noticed the values getting "stuck" on DATASET parameter types, but not on STRING parameter types for example. Does that match what you are seeing? Did you notice it on any other parameter types? In any case, I'll file a bug report so that the engineering team can get this bug fixed in a future version of DSS. The good news is that the correct values are indeed being saved in the scenario step configuration, so when the scenario runs, it runs each step with the correct values.

    For potential workarounds, you could try using the DATASETS parameter type (note the extra S) and only add one dataset when actually using the step. I did not notice the "stuck" value problem with that type of parameter.

    Another solution could be instead of creating a scenario with multiple steps, you could create separate scenarios for each step, then one additional scenario that runs all those scenarios using the "Run another scenario" step.


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    Thank you for the reply. I did notice the STRING types changed after I posted this (we recently updated to DSS 8 from 5, and previously STRING types would not change). I had not tested in 8 with DATASETS as they suffered the same issue in 5. I do see that they are fixed in 8. I will look at updated the form. I have tried not to change anything with the form portion of this step in the past as we have it used in a number of different project on Automation node and I did not want to break anything in inadvertently.

    Thank you again for the workaround for using multiple scenarios. I may recommend that to the users in the interim.

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