Using Freemarker to loop over results in an email step

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Trying to use a dataset in a Freemarker template, not having much luck.

If I do

<#list output_data as output>Country: ${output.Country}</#list>

It tells me that output_data evaluates as a string

For "#list" list source: Expected a sequence or collection, but this has evaluated to a string (wrapper: f.t.SimpleScalar): ==> output_data [in template "tmpl0" at line 1, column 8] ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: #list output_data as output [in template "tmpl0" at line 1, column 1] ----

If I do

<#list ${output_data} as output>Country: ${output.Country}</#list>

it tells me I can't reference a variable with ${} and that I should use the format posted in the 1st attempt.

Syntax error in template "tmpl0" in line 1, column 8: You can't use ${...} (an interpolation) here as you are already in FreeMarker-expression-mode. Thus, instead of ${myExpression}, just write myExpression. (${...} is only used where otherwise static text is expected, i.e., outside FreeMarker tags and interpolations, or inside string literals.)

Has anyone successfully looped over a dataset in Freemarker?


  • wlukusa
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    Hi @allan

    Checking the "As HTML variable" option for a dataset, only makes the dataset available in the message as a string variable corresponding to an HTML table of the data. So it is not possible to loop over it, and since <#list> expects a collection you get this error.

    Depending on what you want to achieve, a better solution might be to use a custom Python script for your scenario in Steps > + Add Step > Execute Python Code. You can find more information on this here.

    Hope this helps !

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