How do I import python code in recipes?

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I am trying to set up a software architecture in order to be able to navigate easily between a test environment (where I will try out many methods in DSS) and a production environment without DSS.

The architecture that I want to set up is the following:

  • A main config script ( that includes variables such as the modules to run and how to input/output
  • Multiple modules files that import main and do their respective computation

The idea is that, in the production environment, the main file will take into account production-specific I/O, while it will use dataiku I/O in the test environment. However, importing another source file in Python DSS is not supported as far as I know.

I saw that you have global variables and scenarii, but they are not flexible enough for me.

My question is therefore : is there any way to do what I want that is integrated in DSS, so without messing with the files in the filesystem?

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