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I wish to provide the Dashboard user a capability to run one of the scenarios from the dashboard. I tried publishing the scenario to the dashboard. I see the timeline and a play button. But I don't see the scenario running when I click on the play button. Am i missing something or is there another way to run the scenario from the dashboard


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    Hi @harshadevireddy
    . One idea, is your scenario "off" or "inactive" perhaps?


    If so, you should turn it ON, else it won't run.

    Maybe this helps!

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    the 'play' button on your dashboard should be launching the scenario, and you should be seeing notifications that the scenario run started/stopped, but you'll have to refresh the dashboard to see changes in the timelines.

    If no run happens at all when you click, you should check in the Javascript console of the browser whether there are errors happening when you click.

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