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Is there a way to restore any mistakenly deleted Managed Folder attached to a deleted recipe (python)?


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    Hi @djoguns
    , Have you check this part of the documentation?

    So, it is possible to revert the project to a previous step, where both the recipe and the folder still existed. However, the data within the folder might have been lost: "Reverting only affects the configuration of the project (datasets, recipes, web apps, dashboards…). It does not affect data. Thus, after revert, some data might be missing and might need to be rebuilt"

    Reverting will bring back the folder, but possibly not its contents or files. Other options could be available outside dataiku DSS, if you are the administrator of the machine, but that depends a lot on the operative system being used by the machine where DSS is installed.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!



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    Still no way to restore deleted folder content?

  • Turribeach
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    Dataiku is not a data store and will never be one. It is your responsability to secure (ie backup) your data. This includes the data stored in managed folders be it on the local storage where DSS runs, cloud buckets or network storage. Move your Dataiku Managed Folders to a cloud bucket, enabled versioning and you will have automatic data backups.

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