Import images from password protected cells in .xlsx files

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Hi all,

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I'm hosting a DataIku demo this Friday. The team I'm hosting the demo for is planning to work with images stored in xlsx files. However, the cells are password protected. Any suggestions or thoughts on how to get this imported into DataIku? Thanks!




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    How far have you gotten with this challenge so far? Are you using something like the python libraries?


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    any way you could share a sample file? I am not particularly familiar with Excel's wizardry but when I looked up how to recreate the scenario you stated I could not find an obvious solution in Excel. I don't think you can embed images in cells directly, but rather can constrain them to resize with cells. And you can lock the permissions on a cell only if you lock the whole file (I think).

    In any event if you could give me an example file I might be able to help - just make sure to create trivialized passwords for the sample you post (if you do post one)


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