Does Daylight savings work for triggers.

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Hi ,

I notice in our dataiku setup that triggers have to be defined in UTC.

So wanted to check if anyone knew how Daylight savings is handled for timebased triggers in this situation.

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  • tgb417
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    I'm not sure. I'd imagine that the system uses UTC/GMT all the way through. As these do not have the idea of a Daylight savings shift. Then it is my guess that as local time changes relative to UTC/GMT that you will see a shift by the change for your Daylight Savings to Standard Shift.

    Can you say anything more about what you have seen happen in your case, Or what you would like to have happened?

  • ATsao
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    Hi NN,

    Generally speaking, DSS will use the timezone of the server, which is usually UTC for most Linux servers like Tom mentioned. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to specify a timezone or local timezone to be used when setting a time-based trigger for scenarios. However, this is an existing enhancement request that is already in our backlog but I will go ahead and append your use case for further review by our Product team.



  • NN
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    THankyou @tgb417
    and @ATsao

    We are in the stage of learning and testing dataiku and this was just one of the questions we had.

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