How to clearly organise the flow for big projects?

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I've been working with Dataiku for a couple of months in a small data science team. We now have some consequent projects (with more than 10 input datasets) and the flows become a bit messy.

Is there a way to divide the flow into sub-parts? Make groups? Have sub-projects?

Moreover, is it possible to annotate the flow directly? I know we can comment each icon in the flow but it is lacking a clear overview...

Thanks in advance!

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    A feature that will greatly help with your issue is to use tags for the objects of your flow! You can find information about tags on this page as well as some other useful tips for collaborating within DSS.

    To access the clear overview of tags, from the flow you can click on the little "Default" eye in the bottom left and select the tag view.

    You will find our best practices for improving productivity useful too, especially regarding flow refactorization.

    Don't hesitate to follow up if you encounter specific issues related to this!

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