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just discovered when running multiple python recipes the the DSS Project API - `update_variables` is not thread safe, if when two updates run in the same time, one process can set a variable and the other can unset it.


project.get_variables().get('local'){}---# These two recipes run in the same time:# RecipeA - updates only Aproject.update_variables({'A': 1}, 'local')# RecipeB - updates only Bproject.update_variables({'B': 2}, 'local')---project.get_variables().get('local'){'B': 2}# The result can vary also sometimes {'A': 1} or {'A': 1, 'B': 2}# The correct result should be always {'A': 1, 'B': 2}

Before I bumped into this issue I was using get_variables to fetch the dict, modify a key, and set_variables.

So I assumed the update_variables (taking only a set of keys) will be implemented in a atomic way. But it looks like the implementation is "get all vars" and "set all vars" without any kind of locking.

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    tomas Registered, Neuron 2022 Posts: 120 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for confirming. I came up with not a 100% reliable, but still usable workaround:

    def set_project_var(project, key, value, where='local'):# Sets the key:value to the project's variable# where - can be local or standard# Race condition can happen so we set and check until it is setproject.update_variables({key: value}, type=where)while True:# wait randomly up to 500mssleep(0.5 * random())set_value = project.get_variables().get(where, {}).get(key)if not set_value or set_value != value:print('>> Race condition the previous set was not succesful')sleep(0.5 * random())project.update_variables({key: value}, type=where)else:return

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