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We are using v6.01 of DSS and have 2 environments both Design nodes, say A and B. (The difference between them is the type of data that can be accessed eg anonymized in A then non-anonymized in B.)

We have 3 projects X, Y & Z. Datasets/Charts in X are shared with Y and Z. All 3 were created in A then each project exported and imported into B. All was good. We've now made some changes to X but we're not sure how to move this update to B again. We can't delete project X in B due to the shared dependencies. Is there a way to update project X in B? Thanks


  • AndrewM
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    Hi Darren,

    There are 2 options for this. The first is the recommended approach since it’s less prone to error and may end up being less work for you and your team.

    1. Completely clear out the projects from node B and then simply reimport everything from node A. This is the cleanest way to do this and is less prone to errors.

    2. Import the modified project X as X1 into node B. Then on node B, share the datasets with projects Y and Z. From there, you should modify the recipes that rely on these shared elements to point to the datasets from X1. Once everything is modified, you can remove the original project X. This method is more prone to errors and I wouldn’t recommend going down this route.

    Thank you.

    Andrew M

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