Running and debug code imported from github

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I understand that i can import github codes into dataiku. but i wish to able to run those imported python codes, how can i do so? i also wish to debug the code in dataiku environment, how can i do so?

Secondly, how can i import my local project files (not dataiku) into dataiku and continue my work from there?



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    the point of importing git repositories into a DSS project is to reuse code developed outside DSS in DSS objects. So to run the code you'll need to call it from a Python/R recipe or notebook.

    There is no code debugging tooling in DSS, you can only add print(...) statements and check the logs afterwards to see what happened.

    For project files like CSV files or images, you can create managed folders (from the + New Dataset > Folder item on the flow), upload the files in there, and access them via the Python/R API that DSS offers

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