Can I share a Jupyter notebook to dashboard and have user execute it? and/or can I run bokeh server?

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I have a Jupyter notebook that creates a bokeh plot based on a search term. I would like to share this to a dashboard so that a dashboard only user can enter a search term and update the plot. is there any way to do this - either by sharing the notebook and allowing dashboard users to run paragraphs. or I might be able to do the same using bokeh server but not sure how to do that in DSS.


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  • Liev
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    Hi @Peter_R_Knight

    You can publish notebooks to dashboards, but those are for viewing only, not running code.

    If you're comfortable coding web apps, then you could create one with an input field, and publish the webapp to a dashboard. Then inside your webapp, that input's field content would be used to perform whatever actions you need to.

    Keep in mind, that should this trigger flow actions in your project, those actions won't be concurrent and exclusive to the users accessing your webapp.

    I hope this helps!


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