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N_JAYANTH Registered Posts: 11 ✭✭✭✭

I have a dataiku dataset like the following

I want to merge these rows based on "PATNO" into a single row. Note, there are different groups of PATNO, So I need to iterate over them too. Is there any way to do this?


  • Clément_Stenac
    Clément_Stenac Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Registered Posts: 753 Dataiker
    The question is, what rules do you want apply when there are several rows for a given PATNO ? Probably, the "Group" recipe does what you want. For example, you could group by PATNO and take the MAX of all other columns.

    We are working on a "merge duplicates" recipe for a future release of DSS.
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