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The Dataiku Academy team is proud to announce the launch of our Dataiku Quick Start Programs.

The quick start programs are one hour persona-based tutorials geared towards users who are new to Dataiku DSS and who are looking to get onboarded on its core features fast, by walking through a sample use case. 

  • The AI Consumer quick start is meant for business users who will be consuming insights in Dataiku DSS, and want to learn how to use dashboards, apps, and other visualization and collaboration features
  • The Business Analyst quick start will walk through advanced data analytics and autoML operations with Dataiku DSS’s visual point-and-click interface. 
  • The Data Engineer quick start will focus on data connections, data cleansing with both code and visual recipes, and using automation features such as metrics and checks to monitor data quality.
  • The Data Scientist quick start will walk users through the Dataiku DSS features for coders, including Jupyter notebooks, code recipes, building and monitoring machine learning models, and more.

To get started, just select the quick start that best corresponds to your profile and register for it on the Academy. Alternatively, you can also access the quick starts without logging in on the Dataiku Knowledge Base.

We hope you enjoy the quick start programs!