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Community Weekly Recap - April 27- May 3

Community Manager
Community Manager
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This last week has seen some great content on the community - here’s a quick summary so you can catch up on what you missed!

Resources in Reinforcement Learning - This article in the knowledge base provides a great introduction to the world of Reinforcement learning. An overview of the field as well as some great resources for further learning!

How to Create a Google Chat Reporter  - Get the all the details on how to create a scenario that will output dataiku directly into a google chat for your monitoring needs! 

How to use Azure AutoML from a DSS Notebook - This article has such a good title I struggle to tell you more! Learn about using Azure right within Dataiku DSS.

Re: Conundrum 5: Natural Followers  - Try your hand at this week's Community Conundrum and improve your DSS skills! Can you wrangle the data to establish the follower growth? 

ICYMI - This Week From Dataiku - Of course this week also saw the launch of our ICYMI weekly program - catch up on all content Dataiku, from the community and far beyond!


Exchange on Best Practices & Pitfalls of Remote Data Science Work - May 6th 

This week holds an online event lead with an exchange led by community member @tgb on the impacts and best practices of working remotely with data science. Sign up and take part in the event and keep track of all the events we have coming up on the online event page!

This week will also see a series of knowledge base articles concerned with how to best use the community to ask questions and get great answers! The first article @’where to ask’ is now live - expect more as the week progresses!


This week the Community welcomed 27 new members! 

So a warm welcome to all of you. Please feel free to use this space to introduce yourselves.

Below we have a selection of resources designed to help you integrate with and benefit from this community of ours! 


The Community Resources section of the community contains great articles to help you get the most out of the community, here are three to get you started. 

Getting Started on the Dataiku Community it’s no surprise that starting here is a great idea! Get a great overview of the community and how you can engage with it!

How to Best Find Answers  - many of you have questions, and we have answers! Use this post to know where to look to find yours. 

Meet Your Global Community Team! - get to know the team that’s here to help you get the most out of your Community experience. With members across the globe we are here to help!