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Community Improvements Notes

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Here at Dataiku we are passionate about improving your Community experience for you. To that end we regularly update the Community platform to add new features, implement user requests, and fix issues. 

In this post you can find an updated record of those changes dating back to the Community Launch in January 2020 organized in reverse chronological order.

February 2021  Release

  • Enhanced solution visibility
  • Certification badge display added
  • Group joining enhancements - The group joining flow received an upgrade this month, making it easier than ever to connect with your fellow users.
  • Page performance enhancements - Always an ongoing focus for us but real strides were made in February!

February Patch notes with details on the above here.


January 2021 Release

  • Landing page UpdateThe face of the Community received a graphical enhancement!
  • Banana data Subscriptions added
  • Keyboard Shortcuts added - Navigate the community easier than ever with new keyboard shortcuts.

January Patch notes with details on the above here.


Quarter 3 2020

  • ML Practitioner launch - New learning path launches on Academy. The new face of the Community received a graphical enhancement!
  • Programs Page - The launch of the Programs page brings together existing Community Programs.
  • NL & London User Group launch - The launch of two new user groups expands the program to 5 nations.
  • DSS 8 Launch - Launch of DSS 8 brings a new AMA and a host of new informative content to the Community. 


Quarter 2 2020

  • User Groups Go Virtual - All user group events will now be hosted online, allowing global participation.
  • New York User Group Launch - Connecting data science practitioners in the New York area.
  • Dataiku Academy Launch - Self paced learning on the Academy launches, integrated into the Community experience.
  • Community Resources enhancement - An overhaul and content update providing Community usage advice. 
  • Banana Data Podcast - Launch of the Banana Data podcast on the Community.
  • Knowledge Base nominations - Launch of the nomination program, allowing users to nominate content to become part of the knowledge base.
  • Partner category - Addition of a private area for partners of Dataiku as central hub for partner  information  and exchange. 


Quarter 1 2020

  • Our Community release - The migration from Answers brought a host of new features, easier navigation, and overall experience enhancement.
  • User Groups - Launch of the Paris user group featuring quarterly events.
  • Online Events Launch - Program launched with regular global virtual events.
  • Unanswered topics - Added the ability for users to sort topics by those lacking answers.
  • Introducing Community Conundrums - Weekly data science puzzles to grow your DSS skills.
  • Rich Preview for the Community - Community URLs now generate previews when shared on social media or in IM services.
  • Open Search support - Community search enhancements - check out the February release notes to read more.
  • Improved Mobile Support - Enhanced your ability to view replies to your questions while on your mobile devices. 
  • Dataiku DSS 7 AMA: March held the first AMA on the Community answering your questions around the DSS 7 release.
  • Labels Enhancement - various changes to the labels functionality were implemented including sortable lists and pagination.
  • Bug squashing and general improvements- of course with any set of releases we are always in the progress of perfecting a bug free experience. This quarter saw UX improvements for smaller screens, page load times significantly reduced, new badges to recognise your fantastic contributions, and enhanced support for Macbook touch bars.