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v12 out and some long standing issues fixed!

v12 out and some long standing issues fixed!

Hi all,

Here are the full release notes:

I want to highlight some long standing issues fixed!

Run subsequent recipes and on-the-fly schema propagation

For all intermediate recipes in a flow, when you click “run” from within the recipe, you now have an option to either:

• Run just that recipe

• Or run that recipe and all subsequent ones in the Flow, with the effect of making the whole “downstream” branch of the Flow up-to-date.

“Run this recipe and all subsequent ones” also applies schema changes on the fly to the output datasets, until the end of the Flow

It is now also possible, from the Flow, to build “downstream” (from left to right) all datasets that are after a given starting point. This also includes the ability to perform on-the-fly schema propagation

Build Flow Zones

It is now possible to build an entire Flow zone. This builds all “final” datasets of this zone, and does not go beyond the boundary of the zone.

Deployer permissions management upgrades

When deploying projects from the Deployer, it is now possible to choose the “Run as” user for scenarios and webapps in the deployed project on the automation node. This change can only be performed by the infrastructure administrator on the Deployer.

In addition, the infrastructure administrator on the Deployer can also configure:

• Under which identity projects are deployed to the automation node

• Whether to propagate the permissions from the project in the design node to the automation node


• New feature: Added the ability to define Cc and Bcc lists in scenario email reporters

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