uploading existing bundle to project deployer of automation node

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uploading existing bundle to project deployer of automation node

Hi Team,

I am looking for a python code to upload existing bundle of designer node directly to project deployer of automation node instead of project deployer of designer node.my main aim is to deploy project at automation node project deployer. I see in once bundle is uploaded to automation node from designer node I cannot  see publish to deployer in automation node .

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Hi V_N,


If I understand your use case correctly, you want to publish a bundle from your Design node to the local Project Deployer of your automation node.

In this case, you (if you have the admin rights on the Design instance, otherwise one of its admins) can set up the Design node to use a Remote Deployer. You'd need to go in Administration > Settings > Deployer, use the Remote mode, and enter your Automation node URL and an API key.

Once you have configured this, publishing bundles from your Design node will use the Deployer on your Automation node, instead of its Local Deployer. See more in the documentation: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/deployment/setup.html#using-a-standalone-deployer


Hope this helps!


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