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sharing datasets with other users within the same project

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sharing datasets with other users within the same project

created dataset using recipies now want to share the data with other team members in the same project. i would like to know the process.

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Welcome to the Dataiku Community!

When you say Project I'm not exactly sure that I understand what you are meaning by the word "Project".

In dataiku DSS each of these is called a "project".  

Dataiku Project.png

Is this the kind of project you are talking about?  Or were you more generally speaking of a bunch of folks working on a project together.

Any way. If you are working with a paid version of Dataiku DSS, the administrator can set up security and then you can choose to share the projects.  Inside each of these Dataiku "Projects".  There is a security item.  From here you can share a whole project with a bunch of Dataiku Users.  

Access to the Security MenuAccess to the Security Menu

Once in Security there are a bunch of ways you can share the dataiku "project" with groups using the Dataiku environment you are working in.

Or you can expose specific Dataiku Objects between projects.  For example when you are looking at at dataset you can "Share" the dataset with other projects that your colleagues might have access.  Here are the basic Steps.

Sharing a Data Set.png

  1.  Go to the Dataset Menu and choose the dataset you would like to share.
  2. Open the right hand set of options with the " -> " icon and choose "share"
  3. This will bring up the "Share" dialog box.  Here you can share a dataset with another project that your colleagues might be using or have access to.
  4. Select the Target Project
  5. Choose Share,  When your colleagues go to the project in question they should see the dataset you have shared with them.

If that did not get it quite right here is a bit of information on the general subject of sharing or exposing objects.

Let us know how you are getting on.  If you can share a bit more about your use case someone here might be able to provide a bit more targeted explanation to help you get started.  Have a great day.