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save pickle in managed folder

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save pickle in managed folder


I want to save a picke object in DSS folder. Here is an example of working code outside DSS. How can I use the DSS API to do so in DSS.

def save_model(self😞
# Names
scope=self.scope.replace(' ', '_').lower()
model_name='model_' + scope
opt_tree_name='opt_tree_' + scope
pkl_name=model_name + '.pkl'
# Save pickles
with open(self.builds_path + pkl_name, 'wb') as f:
pickle.dump(self, f)
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You can use the folder api to get a writer:

with dataiku.Folder(FOLDER_ID).get_writer(MODEL_PATH_IN_FOLDER) as writer:
	writeable = pickle.dumps(MODEL)


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What if I need to do this in a endpioint code which runs outside of dataiku. I will have to used dataikuapi right? Do you know how this can be done?

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