predict using model in the lab inside a notebbok

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predict using model in the lab inside a notebbok

I'm training a set of models as given below. How do I access the best model I selected at the end and use that model to make predictions in the notebook? I am able to access the saved models but not the models only present in the lab.




if trained_model_MAPE > ERROR_THRESHOLD:
    # Wait for the ML task to be ready
    # Obtain settings, enable GBT, and save settings
    settings = mltask.get_settings()
    settings.set_algorithm_enabled("LEASTSQUARE_REGRESSION", True)
    # Iterate over all features in the dataset and set their use/rejection
#     settings.foreach_feature(handle_feature)
    features_to_reject = []
    def handle_feature(feature_name, feature_params):
        if feature_name not in current_features and feature_params["role"] == 'INPUT':
        return feature_params
    for feature_name in current_features:
    for feature_name in features_to_reject:
    # Get the identifiers of the trained models
    ids = mltask.get_trained_models_ids()
    mape_list = []
    for id in ids:
        details = mltask.get_trained_model_details(id)
        algorithm = details.get_modeling_settings()["algorithm"]
        mape = details.get_performance_metrics()["mape"]
        print(f"Algorithm={algorithm} MAPE={mape}")

#Select the best model 
best_model_index = pd.Series(mape_list).idxmin() 
# Deploy the best model
model_to_deploy = ids[best_model_index]




Operating system used: Windows

Operating system used: Windows

Operating system used: Windows

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There is no supported way to do this, this normally requires the model to be deployed to the flow (as a Saved Model version).

You can try the following but it is unsupported, it may not work in some situations or break in later versions of DSS.

from import PredictionModelInformationHandler
predictor = PredictionModelInformationHandler.from_full_model_id(model_id).get_predictor()

You can then use the predictor as you would with that of the saved model.

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