mlflow log_model() error

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mlflow log_model() error

I'm doing Dataiku and Snowpark ML tutorial, below link on Dataiku blog.

Training ML Models With Dataiku and Snowpark ML: A Code Approach


on the "9 - Log Hyperparameters, Performance Metrics, and Trained Model Objects to MLflow",

when running the code on line 83, it shows an error.

logged_model = mlflow.sklearn.log_model(random_search_clf_sklearn,
registered_model_name = model_name)


mlflow.exceptions.RestException: INTERNAL_ERROR: Not Found: /dip/publicapi/api/2.0/preview/mlflow/model-versions/create



I created the code env in Dataiku correctly, same as the article.(such as, mlflow==1.30.0)

but, I have no idea why some api not found error is shown when storing the model to mlflow.

Operating system used: Linux

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