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cleaning cell from the numbers

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cleaning cell from the numbers

I have a question according the cleaning data. I have the colomnes with names and surenames and some times i have some numbers with the text information, as:

Soloma Anastasiia2
Ri5grit Stephanie

Is any code existe to clean all the numbers from these colomnes?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
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Hi Anastasiia,

Yes, you can do that easily with DSS. Create a Prepare recipe and add a new "Find & Replace" step.

The simple/easy way is to replace 0 with nothing, 1 with nothing, ... 9 with nothing.

A better way to do it, is to replace all occurrences of the regular expression [0-9] which matches any digit.

If you want to remove the numbers in multiple columns, configure the step accordingly as in the above screenshots.

Hope this helps,


VP Engineering, Dataiku

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Ah exact! Thank you very much for such fast answer!
Have a nice day
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