build an API from a CSV file - API designer

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build an API from a CSV file - API designer

Hello , I hope you doing well .

i have many csv files and i want to build my own API and feed it with those csv data , the objectif is to use this API to send data to another server 

if you have any suggestions to do this with API designer don't hesitate.

Thanks a lot

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Hi @omar21 ,

That's atypical use for an API endpoint, even a custom code endpoint. 
You can only send POST requests in JSON. So you would have to base64 encode or a similar CSV file to send to the API and then convert it back to CSV to send to another system.

Using a DSS flow would be more adequate if you want to send files. You can use the Python API to upload file to a folder and then process those files and send to another system via a scenario.
Another option is to use a custom webapp:


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Get a network file share and move the CSV files, it will be mich faster than any sort of API. Or use a Cloud bucket if you are on Cloud. The requirement doesn't really makes sense. People don't build APIs to send CSV files. What are you trying to achieve?

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