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application recipes duplicated

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application recipes duplicated

I am creating application-as-recipe in dataiku in different projects.

When one project with app recipe is duplicated to use as a template for another app recipe, this duplicates the app in the recipe drop down.

Is there a way to remove these duplicated apps?

It does not show versioning and also multiple apps will confuse the user.


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Hi @Evelyn_Ajayi746,

Thanks for writing! You can avoid duplicating the Application-as-recipe if you duplicate the project prior to converting it to an app. For example, you would create Project A, duplicate it (Project B), then convert Project A to an app-as-recipe and begin using the recipe in Project B. When you continue duplicating projects from there to use as templates, you should not see any duplicate recipes. 

In order to remove the duplicate recipes, you will want to delete the duplicate projects (Project > Actions > Delete), then clear your browser cache. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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